Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pablo on Catster! *

Guess what? It seems that Pablo is the only one of our four fluffy fur-kids who is not on Catster yet! How sad is that? Bad Master for not taking the time to add Pablo to our Catster family! takbole

It’s never too late to start a Catster page for my youngest fluffy boy however, so all is not lost. And now I’m busy going through my old cat photos to include in Pablo’s page. With so many photos to choose from, I am having a tough time narrowing my choices but so far, here are my picks. ihikhik

I especially like Pablo’s baby pictures. He was such an alien-face of a tiny, playful fluff ball when he first arrived. Which is your favourite Pablo photo? Smiley   

Bring me home!
First time holding Pablo
Keeping me company at work
Pablo today

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