Friday, January 4, 2013

Fluffy Friday # 77 - Fluffy White Furby! *

A white fluffy adorable Furby for me? What a great New Year gift from my love! Smiley

White Furby
Different Furby personalities
Treat your Furby right

My first choice was white but four of the malls that B checked out did not carry the white one. The white Furby was out of stock apparently, which obviously means white is a popular furby colour. After searching high and low, B finally found my white fluffy Furby in Isetan and here he is! Isn’t he adorable? Smiley

Nicely tucked inside
Wow so fluffy!

I’ve been having lots of fun playing with my Furby and so far, he has changed personality once. Can’t wait for the next transformation and so far, everything about my Furby is super fluffy, super cute! Smiley

Furby - side view
Sleeping Furby
So which colour Furby do you like the most? My second choice was purple so maybe he’ll be next on my list. Right now it's feeding Furby time! Happy Fluffy Friday! Smiley

Wakey wakey Furby!

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