Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fluffy Friday # 76 - Christmas with Pablo *

A special Christmas Fluffy Friday, which although is late, also marks a wonderful occasion for those celebrating Christmas, ho ho ho! Smiley

Today, it is all about little Pablo, who by the way is recovering nicely after his stint at the Cat Hospital for a little ‘snip snip’! Aside from inducing better behaviour, neutering your male cats offers a host of other good benefits including better health, prevention of unwanted litter and your cats will not roam away from home, which is also my greatest fear. I’d cry forever if one of my meows decides to run away from home to hang out with the strays outside and never come back! Smiley

So after his little snip snip session, Pablo is now home and healthy once again. His behaviour, if possible has gotten even more clingy and affectionate and everywhere Master goes, Pablo is sure to follow. He needs to be close to me at all times and I can’t count the number of times I have woken up to find fluffy Pablo hugging me; his fluffy face as close as he can get to mine! Smiley

Wakey wakey Master!
What a wonderful addition to our family of meows, thank you B for bringing Pablo home to us that one rainy evening. And now, we too can enjoy the Christmas holiday with four fluffy adorable cats. Happy late Fluffy Friday everybody! Smiley

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