Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chubbster Blues **

Chubbs has been feeling a little depressed lately and refused to eat for the past two days. At first he started throwing up and then slowly he stopped eating. He drank a little water though and kept to himself most of the time.

Naturally we were worried about our oldest kitty so we took him to the Vet yesterday. Doctor Chan kept him overnight for observation. He showed no signs of being listless and his vital signs were okay so that was good news. Smiley

I went to visit Chubbs today and Doc said Chubbs still refused to eat but everything else seemed fine. He suggested we take Chubbs home so he'd feel at home and perhaps that will get him eating again. Doctor Chan also gave him some Vitamin B to be taken twice daily to help stimulate my cat's appetite. My poor baby has been eating so well lately and I really don't know why he suddenly stopped eating.

Anyway, we got home and Chubbs seemed really pleased to be on familiar ground. He drank from the water fountain before strolling into my room to chill out with Phoebe and Benji. A few minutes later, I called the kids for lunch and Chubbs finally ate some food!

I'm more relieved than anything else that his appetite returned after a night at the Vet. We will continue monitoring his condition and if he stops eating again, we'll have to take him back for tests. For now, he seems fine and is happily resting at his favourite spot. We love you Chubbs, Get well soon!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

November Top 10 Meows *

Lazy Sunday is what I am all about today but lazy or not, I still have to get this post out for I am already running late! So let's not delay any further and come join me in celebrating my Top 10 Meows who oh so diligently meowed their way to my Top 10 spot here as the most talkative meows in November!peluk

My Top Meow will receive 1 FOC Ad + 1000 EC credits



Friday, December 25, 2009

Benji Needs a Bath!

, Chubbs and Benji are way overdue for their Diva Baths! It's been so long since I've seen them all fluffy and sweet-smelling from a bath. I've been a bad master and I apologize to my kitties for my lack of urgency. But I promise, when B gets done with his final event for the year this Sunday, we will quickly drop you guys off at Diva 9 okay? Smiley

Benji after his Diva Bath

The last time I tried to shampoo Benji by myself, I ended up dripping wet! B was away then so it was all up to me. I tried putting it off but Benji had just dirtied himself and was in dire need of a good wash. He was one big Stinkor that day; stinking up the entire place so liked it or not, I had to give my fluffy fat cat a nice bath on my own! ihikhik

Bear in mind we do not own a nice huge bathtub inside our Master Bath so there was no dumping Benji inside as I gave him a good shampoo and scrub. Instead, I had to bathe him inside our already small shower area. I could not draw the shower curtains with him inside so it was more like me and Benji taking a bath together! He got wet, I got wetter. He struggled to get out of my slippery grip and I screamed in vain trying to catch a loose wet Benji inside the bathroom! penat

I was silently wishing we had a bathtub then and something like this Acqua White Brittania bathtub would be perfect! With a 274 litre capacity, this model has no pre-drilled tap holes so you can choose exactly where you want to place your taps. I also like this simple yet classy design and it sure looks huge enough to fit all three of my cats inside!

In the end, I finally got him all cleaned and smelling nice again but I have to say that it was no easy feat giving Benji a bath! And you know how some cats look really fat and fluffy but when they're wet, you can see that they are actually all fur and bones? Well Benji is NOT one of them for even while he was dripping wet; his fat fluffy tummy and paws were still visibly huge! gelakguling

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Fluffy Friday #4 **

Merry Christmas and Happy Fluffy Friday from all of us here at Meow Diaries. Smiley

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
And not one cat was awake, not even a mouse.

Phoebe wanted to meet Santa with his toys and his goodies,
So she meowed and she waited, with a small plate of cookies.

And then in a twinkling, she heard on the roof,

The prancing and pawing of Rudolph's little hoof.

She drew in her head, and as she turned around,

Down the chimney Santa came with a smile and a bound.

Santa went straight to work and Phoebe purred
Oh Boy,
As she saw Santa stuffing her stocking with a
big fluffy toy! Smiley

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Pressie from Adgi! **

My 10th Adgitize payment is in so here's more proof that Adgi Works, Adgi Pays! Smiley

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PS. If you want to read more on how Adgi works and Adgi Pays you can read my other posts here and here.

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